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Expedia Survey – Only 38% Of Americans Avail All Vacation Time

It is understood that everyone has a routine that includes work, family and recreation. But when it comes to balancing them together, most of us falter. Even after returning home after ten or eleven hours of tiring office work we have the same files, pending work and bosses running through our heads. With more and more competition for better jobs, people have started compromising on vacations and breaks.

While people need, and are entitled to, vacations, some financial experts have a different perspective about people not availing vacations in the United States. They feel that taking vacations is one of the major reasons that gets Americans to spend more, save less and get into debt. So by forfeiting vacations, many Americans are trying to save more and spend less.

As a result a lot of Americans tend to forgo their vacations and work instead. As a matter of fact, only about 38% of Americans were able to use all their vacation time according to a Expedia survey. Also, recent years have been a great challenge for many employees. People had been laid off and many were trying to keep their jobs and cope with tough times. People were ready to work extra hours without additional benefits just to keep their jobs. With such a situation existing, very few could think of actually going on a vacation.

Now that the economic situation has stabilized a little bit and the economy has evened out, people have started planning for vacations; at the very least, a short break to reconnect with their family and friends. However, because of the way the work situation has been, people still feel that they cannot get away completely from their work. They carry their laptops and notebooks even on vacation to check on their emails and stay connected with work. According to a recent Rasmussen survey, 72% of the employees said that they check in with the office regularly even when they are on a vacation!…

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